It can be a fun (and sometimes naughty) distraction, but can AI be as good as a real human companion? I wanted to find out!

I am hugely interested in two things: sex and artificial intelligence.

In my experience, neither of these things should feel forced. In the time I spent with a prostitute, I had the act of sex with no emotional aspect, making it feel forced and disgusting.

What if you do the…

Some quotes sound exactly like something she’d say. Others are R-rated and, frankly, a little sad.

Artificial intelligence is the newest advancement that will transform every way we interact with technology in the future (unlike NFTs which, frankly, nobody knows what they are).

The most powerful AI platform out there right now, OpenAI’s language model GPT-3, has digested 45 terabytes worth of data parameters, so it…

It’s much darker than yearning for sports cars and young secretaries.

You’ve seen the advertising for amusement parks like Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Roller coasters — the most exciting rides in the entire amusement park! They grace the front covers on all of the brochures, and they are a prominent part of every TV commercial: Fast! Tall…

I didn’t regret it. However, I’d never do it again.

The year was 2005, location: Nuremberg, Germany.

Despite its reputation, Amsterdam is not the only city in Europe with legalized prostitution. Many cities throughout Germany have their own version of red-light districts.

It had been a long time since I had enjoyed a regular “plus one” to parties, and I…

While she was far from being a stereotypical “evil stepmother,” she made no effort to hide her complete apathy towards me.

This story requires a bit of background:

I grew up in South Mississippi in a very complex religious atmosphere. My great-grandparents were Jewish, immigrating from Europe in the 1920s to the panhandle of Florida. To assimilate, the family did what everyone else in rural Florida did. …

Some of the quotes are heartwarming. Others are hilarious.

Sometimes, something comes along that grabs your attention and won’t let go. It monopolizes your thoughts, and it’s all you want to learn/do/play with.

For me, that thing is new Artificial Intelligence platforms that study, essentially, everything that has ever been written ever, in every language, and uses that knowledge…

Jonathan Siegfried

Entrepreneur/business owner. Traveller. Lover of the simple things, always questioning why. Committed to truth, not consistency.

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