I'm Jon-Paul Brown – called JP by my friends and by my lovely dear wife. While I consider the most important roles in my life as being a daddy and a husband, I am also a veteran entrepreneur and business consultant, having started and grown a successful wedding-industry business in five US states as well as in Ireland. I was even featured on NPR's Planet Money!

Here on Medium, I publish articles on relationships from the man's point of view, entrepreneurial and business insights that go beyond the "Entrepreneur Bro" lifestyle you see on social media (including real-life status updates on how my business performs), and the occasional tech/programming and human sexuality story just to keep things interesting.

I like to provide people with an angle of a common story or idea you may not have considered.

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JP Brown

JP Brown

Entrepreneur/business owner (ElopementBiz.com). Lover of the simple things, always questioning why. Committed to truth, not consistency. Twitter.com/mindofjp