What Happend After I Accidentally Went Viral on Medium

What It’s Like (And How Much $$$ You Make) When Your Article Breaks the Internet

JP Brown
4 min readJul 13, 2023
Photo by Richard Ciraulo on Unsplash

I had just finished a day of responding to emails for my business.

The TV was on in the background: A news conference was being held about the fate of the six people aboard the Titanic submersible. It was a sad finale to the news sensation that had captured the attention of the world: all six people on board had died.

Reporters fielded a number of questions, but there was one that came up a few times that surprised me: “Will you be retrieving the bodies?”

It seemed like a silly question. As the son of a career oceanographer, I know a little bit about what happens to bodies at those pressures. There were no bodies. The bodies were instantaneously transformed into a cloud of red tide.

So, I got an idea for a quick article. It was a hastily researched piece, fueled more by curiosity and fascination than any expectation of mass appeal. The topic was tragic, timely, and perhaps a bit grim for casual readers:



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