While she was far from being a stereotypical “evil stepmother,” she made no effort to hide her complete apathy towards me.

This story requires a bit of background:

I grew up in South Mississippi in a very complex religious atmosphere. My great-grandparents were Jewish, immigrating from Europe in the 1920s to the panhandle of Florida. To assimilate, the family did what everyone else in rural Florida did. …

Some of the quotes are heartwarming. Others are hilarious.

Sometimes, something comes along that grabs your attention and won’t let go. It monopolizes your thoughts, and it’s all you want to learn/do/play with.

For me, that thing is new Artificial Intelligence platforms that study, essentially, everything that has ever been written ever, in every language, and uses that knowledge…

They guarantee you’ll “cum in 20 seconds.” You will definitely get screwed.

If you have been on any porn website in the past year, you are sure to have seen the advertisements showing cartoon versions of anything from normal people to cartoon furries with large… personalities doing things to each other one doesn’t normally get to enjoy at, say, a dinner party.

It’s not what you think… well, not completely.

Valentine’s Day. It's a day everyone hates, but no one is exempt from begrudgingly having to participate.

Have you just started dating? You better get a card and flowers. Have you been a couple for a year? Cards, flowers, and really good chocolate. Married? Card, flowers, chocolate, and something hinting…

Jonathan Whitfield

Entrepreneur/business owner. Traveller. Lover of the simple things, always questioning why. Committed to truth, not consistency.

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